Lash Education

Lash Lift and Tint Course

Learn the art of lash lift and tint with my 1 day course. Understand proper decontamination, health and safety, safe application and proper aftercare instructions. This course includes a full kit, full of high quality products, for up to 20 clients, in depth manual and video demonstration. I understand the different learning techniques and am prepared to educate you the way that works best for you. My goal is for you to leave feeling comfortable, confident and ready to rock your lash lift service.

Group classes of 3 $650 + GST each (7 hour class)

Private 1:1 training $950 + GST (5 hour class)

A minimum of 2 models will be required in order to receive your certification. 2 done in class (provided by yourself unless arrangements are made for me to provide them) and additional models may be required after the class in order for me to feel confident that you can perform this service safely. If I don’t feel comfortable letting you do it on me, then you are not ready.

You’ll notice the private training takes less time. I want to make sure I am giving each student enough attention to feel comfortable performing this service safely and therefore, group classes will take longer so each student can get the training they deserve.

I do not believe this is something that you can learn online. It is very hands on and these are eyes we are dealing with so having an instructor in person is important to ensure you are being corrected on your techniques. If you want to be the very best that you can, this course is for you.